Your group can make and deliver cards during the holidays or any time to let them know you are thinking of them.

Walk or volunteer in the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk presented by Hyundai. Choose from one of four routes along the historic Boston Marathon course and raise funds for Dana-Farber.

Great for groups! If you are looking to get outside, and are generally handy, our YMCA locations could use assistance in property clean-up & winterizing. Property & Camp Clean Up includes raking & removing trash, leaves, & branches. Our Sheds & Garden also need winterizing to help get them through the snow!

Are you good at gardening? If so, or if you have other skills or expertise, you may be interested in joining the many people who enjoy volunteering at Fall River Historical Society.

In 2010, MSA received a Volunteer Generation Fund grant from the Corporation for National and Community Service to support the capacity of volunteer connector organizations to recruit and retain volunteers, and develop strategies to effectively use volunteers to solve local problems across the Commonwealth. As the state commission on service and volunteerism, MSA is excited…

Make themed bags for birthdays and toiletries. Here is a list of items for the Birthday Bags: Plates, Napkins, Cake Mix, Frosting, Candles, Party Hats, Streamers, Balloons. Toiletry bags include deodorant, toothpaste, soap, etc.

Various crafting projects include making no sew blankets and cards for soldiers and senior citizens.

Since our founding, Hope & Comfort has put youth at the center of our work. To further this mission, Hope & Comfort has developed a board just for school-aged children. Youth board members take part in age- appropriate service projects and develop leadership skills.

The vision of the HOPE scouts is to raise up young leaders and community contributors so that they can carry the torch of walking in Jesus’ footsteps as adults. Volunteerism can start young, and children are far more likely to become community citizens and to be active in the service of others as adults if…

Our volunteers support our programs and events for children and adults. Opportunities range from sign language support, planning committees, our annual 5k road race, Special Olympic activities/events and helping out at our daytime programs onsite.