Join a committee to help oversee what we do​. Committees include the MCA Board of Directors, Building Committee, Finance Committee, Development Committee, Outreach Committee, and the Governance Committee.

Remote volunteers who can help with preparing articles for newsletters and our website and supporting fundraising through tasks such as arranging events and thanking donors.

We need: physicians (especially internists), nurse practitioners, and nurses, for our evening General Adult Medicine and Women’s Health clinics. General Adult Medicine meets on Tuesday evenings. Women’s Health meets on Thursday evenings. We are currently following the same COVID-19 protocols you will find in other medical settings.

Help our facilities team with simple repairs, basic landscaping, carpentry, and painting.

Translators needed to offer phone and in-person support to Portuguese speaking clients & engage the Portuguese community.

Create a database and information sheets on current Human Services and their contact information for the City of Marlborough & surrounding towns (approx. 2 hours per week).

Translators needed to offer phone and in-person support & to engage the Spanish community.

We are thrilled to be able to offer you the opportunity to serve with TWM AmeriCorps Professional Corps, in conjunction with the Residency or Certified teacher experience. TWM AmeriCorps members are community-driven individuals who serve in the communities they live and work, and are motivated by dismantling systems of oppression that create barriers for their…

If you can spare 2 to 12 weeks, Lend a hand International has volunteer placements with locally-led, community-based initiatives in south central Uganda. The organizations we work with provide primary education, community empowerment, public health services, and modern agriculture techniques in their own communities. They support real people – improving their lives, on their terms.

The Fundraising Committee is composed of LBFE staff, board members and community volunteers. Regular quarterly meetings are held in April, July, October and January. Project-based meetings are determined by the committee. Volunteers should expect more frequent meetings during the gala planning season June-Sept. The Fundraising Committee assists the LBFE Staff and Board of Directors in…

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