Sonsini Animal Shelter is looking for foster families for kittens and puppies under two months old, mothers with nursing litters, dogs and cats with medical conditions or injuries, and special needs animals. The typical foster stay is two weeks to two months, depending on the needs of the individual animal(s) in your care. The Sonsini…

LIFT has a lot of programs, projects, and activities that are amplified by our volunteers. From volunteering at our Self Care Fair to donating some hours for your expertise (general counsel, healthcare, etc), there’s a way for everyone to get involved.

Your group can make and deliver cards during the holidays or any time to let them know you are thinking of them.

Do you like the project and enjoy talking to strangers? Then we need your help. When we have booths at events I’m busy taking photos so we need help telling people passing by about the project and getting them registered if they’re interested. It really is a lot of fun, and it just takes a…

If you, your family, or your organization would like to raise funds, collect clothes, or directly volunteer with the Taskforce, there Is nothing stopping you.

We are now seeking new volunteers who are able to join us for at least one shift, once a month, for a minimum of three months. Most jobs include packing/lifting/moving bags or boxes that weight 15 pounds (or more) and walking.

There are many ways to get involved: Help organize food at the pantry, pick up food at drop off points, set-up bags and help distribute on Mondays, run a “Food Drive” (please keep us informed if you are having one), student community service, help raise funds.

Turn Back Time offers many opportunities for weekly volunteering. A few of our groups consist of agencies serving young adults with disabilities, college and high school clubs or community service projects and Boy Scouts and Girl Scout troops to name a few.

Help hand out food to our veterans and their families in Worcester County at our food pantry or help serve or sponsor a meal in our hot meals program. Our food pantry is open on the second and fourth Thursday of every month, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Our hot meals program serves lunch and…

We always need people to help with repairs and maintenance of our grounds and facilities.

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