These interns function in two roles: one is shadowing the veterinarian on clinical cases and the other is as an assistant to the Veterinary Technician. When working with the veterinarian, the intern will shadow clinical cases and medicine. This includes weekly rounds, assessment, triage, giving necessary care as directed by the animal care staff, animal transport (if needed), and maintenance of records and databases. When functioning as Assistant to the Veterinary Technician, the intern provides support to the Veterinary Technician. This includes setting up supplies/equipment prior to procedures, maintenance of stock/supplies in the veterinary hospital, clean-up after procedures, cleaning/packing/sterilizing instruments and assistance with sample preparation and related laboratory paperwork. The intern will also spend several days shadowing various nutrition and animal care (keepers) throughout their period at the zoo and be responsible for giving a seminar-style presentation or similar project at the end of their internship.