Volunteer in 1 of 1800+ Youth-Led Youth/Teen/Peer Court Diversion Programs in America.

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About this event

Volunteer Locally for Justice on MLK Day of Service in 1 of 1800+Communities in the USA.

If you have not heard about Youth/Teen/Student/Peer Court and Peer Jury Diversion Programs, you will most likely be surprised to learn, in the USA, there are now more than 1800+ of the Youth Justice Diversion Programs in municipalities, schools, and tribes – now in 47 States, DC and 20+ Tribes.

Two of the distinct programmatic elements in these Youth Justice Diversion Programs are that they are uniquely Youth-Led and Volunteer-Driven, to include both youth and adults in key volunteer roles. Depending on local decisions of adult leaders, on how these diversion programs will work, volunteer youth can serve as jurors, attorneys, judges, clerks and/or bailiffs.

The unique peer-to-peer message of these diversion programs is “that if negative peer pressure is a primary factor in leading some youth to commit crimes, then positive peer pressure can be a positive force in leading people to adhere to the rule of law, and become more productive citizens. And for all youth involved, to include volunteers and youth offenders – there are tremendous youth service and youth civic benefits.

Youth can volunteer to serve as a juror only once or twice, however — the majority of youth volunteers make a year-long commitment, and their involvement is not episodic, and therefor — they build an attachment to their community, while experiencing making a difference.

Adult Volunteers train youth volunteers to assume the various court roles; serve as case mentors on real juvenile justice crimes; plan mandated service projects for youth offenders sentencing by their peers; serve on boards and committees and much more.

Become a Global Youth Justice Volunteer and Make a Real Difference in your Community — while helping Youth in Trouble get a 2nd chance and avoid the Justice System.

You can sign up to join your local division for virtual volunteer opportunities here: https://www.globalyouthjustice.org/resources/local-programs/


This event meets ADA standards

Notes from the organizer: The majority of the 1800+ Youth/Teen/Student/Peer Court and Peer Jury Diversion Programs utilize Municipal Courtrooms when now in use for real adult court. Schools are also another primary location. Both Courts and Schools are almost all equipped with ADA Requirements.

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