Growing Food and Building Trail – Safely

Through the upheaval this spring, we’re able to keep our mission front and center: Our farm crew has been working hard on the farm at April Hill, safely distanced. We’ve planted annual vegetables for this year’s food – all of which will be donated to local food pantries and schools –  and perennial nut and fruit trees and shrubs for next year and beyond. Front Lawn Food gardens are being installed, and we have expanded this program to meet the high need for fresh, nourishing food through a partnership with Multicultural BRIDGE, Woven Roots Farm, Berkshire Grown, and Project Backpack –Aretha, Isa, and crew are working diligently and safely to bring food sovereignty to our community. Our conservation work with our trail crews is just kicking off the start of the season. We are running fewer crews this year, and each crew is half the usual size, but their will is strong and mighty and we are so grateful to be able to get them safely out into the field again.


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