Barn closed, help needed!

Like the rest of the world we are in a state of suspension. Blue Rider Stables has suspended all programming until at least April 8th, with mid April being an optimistic goal to start resuming activities.  Observing the equines standing quietly, peacefully eating, not playing or displaying their normal herd behaviors, the atmosphere in the Barn is also as if suspended.  Outwardly there is a calm that comes with the halt of normal activities, but inwardly, we are very much aware of the reality of what this means.

No lessons, no cash flow.

How will we cover the daily, monthly operating expenses? A sense of panic can arise.  As a community, we are socially aware of the fact that we are all in this together.   As a community we can hold the intent that a helping hand brings, in turn, a helping hand.   At this time we are turning to our community for a helping hand.  The equines that serve you all so selflessly, need to continue to be cared for and fed.

In turn, they will be there for you when this state of suspension is over and we can all resume our normal activities in the world.

Anything you are able to give, $10, $25, $100, $1000. No amount will go unappreciated.
Thank you!! We hope you all remain healthy.

In solidarity,

The Board, Staff, and Equines of BRS.

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